Excited & nervous….

Following last night’s meeting with our SW we have the CPR for a little boy who we both have had a gut reaction of ‘he’s the one’ to. Little older than I hoped for…but only by a few months, but he just feels right so we are taking it forward to gain more information. So we have a potential link – before we are approved adopters 🙂 We were round with my sister and brother-in-law last night (who are experienced adopters) after SW left to discuss things through. Got a lot of useful tips from them and also warning that attachment beyond 24 months can be more difficult which I sort of knew already from my reading around.

I have had this week off (still got far too much holiday to use) as we originally planned to – spent a lot of it catching up on sleep – my version of end-of-termitis. Yes ok the students finished back before Spring Bank (at end of May) but I have been busy until graduation last week. Indeed am still busy – got bits an pieces of work I really should have done this week but decided week off not thinking about work would be good for me.

Yesterday was interesting – supposedly the fencing people where coming to put the fence round our patio at the back – back in the summer of 1999 my parents (who owned our house before us) terraced what had previously been a sloping back garden – mainly done by my then to-be brother-in-law (married my sister at end of that summer). So just out patio door to the side there is a wall about a 3 foot drop with only a couple of inches of wall above it. We therefore had to have a fence put along that wall, so SW suggested putting fence round to make patio secure area for child to play in. Of course fencing people didn’t come yesterday so in addition to wandering what SW was going to bring I was also trying to find out where they were.

They came this morning and after about 3 hrs work we have the result shown below (2 photos stitched together).

Now it needs sanding (roughish wood) and then we can stain it to same colour as rest of fencing. Oh and move my retractable washing line to other side of door as I can’t use it at moment 🙂

Just need to put new catch on gate to side of house and we will be about there finally as far as child-proofing house. Only real big thing left is to fit safety catches all over kitchen and purchase fire guard. Got safety gates for top of stairs and fittings are there for one on kitchen (we have no door there). The gate at bottom of stairs is in place already – and the other two are in back of cupboard upstairs.

Just got to wait for Monday now-  we have first panel of the day so not got very long to get nervous in…. SW went through some potential questions last night – which were about as we thought … but as she says panel are certain to find others but we will have time to discuss them before we go in. Just got to remind myself to let T speak – I get to be a chatterbox when nervous 😀

Mind you before then we have a friend staying for weekend and on Sunday evening we are meeting up with most of our prep course for the last time in person for a while – one couple start Introductions on Monday, another are not far from matching panel and the rest are all already approved. So suspect it will be well into next year before we all meet up again although we might manage a few smaller meetings of those of use without children placed in the next couple of months or so.

All in all an interesting and exciting week – I am both extremely excited and extremely nervous all at the same time….

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

5 thoughts on “Excited & nervous….”

  1. How amazing! It’s always great to hear such good news. Sure that the panel on Monday will go fine. It’s a cliche but the panel aren”t trying to trick you but to reassure themselves that the SWs have done their jobs properly… However, it’s a cliche because it’s true. Have a great weekend and every blessing for Monday (and beyond!).

  2. Good luck for panel, although I’m sure your SW wouldn’t have put your forward, or shown you a profile if they were in any doubt of you getting approved.

    Thanks for sharing your post on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  3. Wishing you lots of luck for Monday. I get so nervous and can barely speak. They’re always very nice though and they want people to become adopters. They just want to make sure you’ve thought it all through and SWs haven’t missed anything. Our experiences have always been really positive.

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