Intros Day 7

Much shorter day today as FC had the boy’s leaving party today which we did not attend for two reasons – it was his and there was also a security risk involved (not for us directly but still better avoided).

We go there at 7am after a much better get up this morning – both awake at 6am so had time to think unlike yesterday. Got there to the boy opening door and went in and through morning routine again. This time he did eat some breakfast although was still trying to be Houdini out of his booster seat. As we left we had for the first time a bit of a breakdown with him calling for ‘Nanny’ – his FC. Ended up stopping 200 yards down the road and me getting in back with him which worked. Went to another soft play place today that was open from 9.30 – and was actually fairly quiet at first.

The boy on Buzz

It was here the picture above (from Instagram) was taken. They had one of the moving cars that was Buzz from tractor Tom which he kept making a beeline for. Also loved the Little Tikes play house, but had a great time on the play area as well. Wasn’t certain of big slide but liked little one and loved T pushing (& swinging) him on the dangling ball which he was sat on. Can see Soft Play areas are going to be come a semi-regular haunt for me as somewhere he can run off energy with me only having to keep a partial eye on him. He ran around for 90 mins and then as the place was getting very crowded we left. He demanded his Fireman Sam bag (which has spare nappies & clothes in it) as we left and happily sat with that and his drink. After a bit of driving we found a Greggs and got sausage rolls for lunch – which he loves – every time he has spotted Greggs on our travels this week there has been ‘roll’ from him. He played Daddy up a bit when we got back to the car – got onto back seat and wouldn’t go into car seat. But bribery worked – he wasn’t allowed a sausage roll till he was strapped in. Ok the flaky pastry went all over him and the car seat – but it was recoverable. By the time we got to a place to stop and eat our rolls he had fallen asleep so we ate accompanied by the gentle snores of a bunged up boy from the back seat. I tried to wake him a bit when I went to dust him and seat down from pastry, but he just wanted to snuggle into Mummy so I had to get T to deal with the seat. Then put him back in and had to join him on back seat as he wouldn’t settle without me doing so. I did loose my hand for quite a while here until he was properly back asleep.

Mummy’s hand captured

Dropped at FC house where a couple of the expected 20 extra children had already arrived along with their father. The children coming are either in foster care themselves or ex-foster children of his FC. As it turned out, our expected security risk wasn’t coming but we still felt it better to leave – mainly as we needed to shop if we wanted to eat tonight or rest of week 🙂 So we said goodbye to the boy , had a quick chat with FC and left – the boy who had been on gentleman’s knee came out to see us off – we’d just turned in doorway to say goodbye to FC and there he was.

All in all it has been a fantastic first week – we’d been waiting for the wobble that finally occurred this morning. He is a little confused mite I think – he has a very secure base with his FC and we think is in very early stages of working out that he also has one with us. He knows something is going on involving him and us. As we left FC gave us a bag with his red book (NHS record not quite from birth unfortunately), his passport, his learning record from 5 weeks he did at nursery, photos from contact with birth family and a list of the toys that had come from birth family (which I was going to ask for next week). Finally there is an absolutely wonderful photo album she has put together for us which has photos of him from a  few hours old. We feel so lucky to have this – both welled up a bit looking through it when we got home. She also had us made a copy of a photo canvas she has of him at his 2nd birthday party which is now hanging on our wall. We are not thinking of an appropriate gift for her – have been all along but no inspiration as yet. As T says we have lucked out big time with the boy, his FC and his SW who has been his since before he was born.

Now eating my dinner then it is bath and bed – this cold is still threatening and I am tired. Tomorrow is a whole new experience as FC brings the boy here for the first time – and Daddy isn’t here. Really do think I am going to make use of the permission I have to take him to T’s place of work on Tuesday & Wednesday to reassure him given the bond he has already formed with T.

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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  1. That’s lovely – I can’t help thinking they could have got their acts together to place him before now if he’s been with the same carer since birth (sorry to be a moaning Minnie)

    1. Would help if the legal system hadn’t mucked up loads. Took over a year longer than it should have done for placement order which came through earlier this year finally. Plus my wobble at beginning of June held matters up by a month at least we reckon (suspect we would have seen profile a month or so earlier in June without that)

  2. Reading through these is creating such vivid memories for me. I think you will really appreciate later on that you documented it all so thoroughly. I wish I had. Love seeing the back of his head. x

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