Rambling on

Ramblings for #waso. My adoption twitter has been alive with people/talking about AUK conference yesterday and Dan Hughes talk. Wish I had been able to go but from when it was announced we knew it would be a no-go. Should have (on original plan) just finished Intros this weekend and even though yesterday was 4 weeks from placement still not a good time for me to be away from Sqk yet.

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Our road to adoption (NAW)

National Adoption Week has come round again – and I look at my life and think what a difference a year makes. The equivalent of today last year was the first evening of our Prep Course. Now we are sat 2 1/2 weeks into placement of Sqk. Mind you under the original plan this would have been the first week of Introductions but if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that things got moved by 4 weeks as otherwise respite care would have bene needed which would have made Intros a lot harder.

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Life in Sqk land.

Where are we nearly 2 weeks into placement? I feel that we are still doing very well and the report from his SW for the upcoming LAC review suggests she agrees. Sqk met his elder cousin earlier in the week (met younger one and my sister & brother-in-law last week) at the local woods – so they could run safely. He behaved fairly well although we are still having discussions over sitting down when eating 🙂 The photo below is Sqk and Daddy in the same woods last weekend when we took him for a walk there ourselves. He loved the freedom to run but we are still getting him to understand stopping when we call. Thinks it is great fun to make us run after him. However the message about holding hands when cars are about has gone in as he doesn't make a fuss about that now.