Strange it is to realise today that Sqk has been with us for 3 months and I have 6 months of my planned leave left. Where has the time gone although it does seem like he has been here for longer and we are finding it increasingly difficult to remember life before he arrived. So far we seem to have been lucky on Planet Adoption with a son who has bonded to us and is seeing us as a secure base. I know it is still early days but reading his SW’s words in Annex A brought it all home again. Continue reading “Thoughts”

Panorama “I Want My Baby Back”

I haven't posted much in a while – still getting used to this being a full-time Mummy & now Sqk doesn't need a nap that much I don't have that convenient time to organise my thoughts.

But the subject of this post is really the Panoroma programme “I Want My Baby Back” shown earlier in the week. Like many I watched this expecting sensation which is what we got. You would get impression from this programme that many children taken into care should never have been removed and as per usual social services get blame whereas they work from medical advice and indeed it is the family courts that make the ultimate decision. What it does highlight as other commentators have said is the need to open up the family courts somewhat and also to make sure medical evidence is considered properly.

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