Another week on…

It’s got to Sunday night again and once again I am writing my #waso post at last minute – and not on theme as I don’t have a lot to say about recipes at the moment. other than the fun i have adapting old favourites to be lactose-free (for Sqk) and gluten-free (for me). Actually former isn’t too bad as I can get lacto-free milk & cream, but latter can be more fun. Thankfully Mum is a great baker and also is totally gluten-free (unlike me who should be but runs the risks to eat it when it is easier) – this means I have access to plenty of recipes for favourite foods that are gluten-free. DH is getting used to food that is a bit different – and my friends are all great at finding places to eat (as proved again this weekend).

This week has been really about getting used to a new routine Monday-Friday as given DH has no car I (and Sqk) are running him to work and picking him up at 6pm. Morning isn’t too much change bar us leaving house with Daddy and therefore making sure we all get up fairly early. Evening however means I am feeding Sqk earlier and getting him into pyjamas before we go to pharmacy (he gets last nappy change at pharmacy) – if it is bath night that happens before dinner rather than after. All this meant a few disturbed nights and trouble getting a little boy to sleep which calmed down by Thursday. I did realise we are really getting a structure to our Mon-Fri routine, pre-school Mon, music group Tues, playgroup Weds, pre-school Thurs & adoption playgroup Fri.

Then of course we went away for weekend to meet friends and Friday night was disturbed – he finally (after 2 hrs in car) fell asleep at 1.30am on Saturday morning. Saturday itself was a great day – we hadn’t seen our friends since their civil partnership ceremony right at end of August – and it was just after that while we were on holiday in North Wales that the fast forward button was pressed on us again – so that we are at matching panel at end of September and Sqk moved in in mid-October. Like everyone who meets him Sqk charmed them and was a fairly delightful little boy although we had a minor temper tantrum when we put him back in buggy at one point.  Last night was easier once we got him calmed down from the tantrum he went into – over-tired I reckon. we did drive up and down motorway between 2 junctions twice but got him to sleep and then I got him into hotel and to bed without waking. Was very pleased with DH in that he managed not to lose it during tantrum and stayed clam and empathetic with me. Sqk had thrown a tantrum coming back on Friday & my friend (who has birth child as well as adopted child) said how impressed she was with me staying as calm as I did. He’s been so tired recently thanks to the disturbed nights that I’ve had a fair few tantrums due to tiredness. Therefore I seem to have learnt to deal with them calmly even when I have no idea what the trigger is – it’s that situation that still winds DH up unfortunately.

Anyway we came back north this morning and have brought a new car for DH this afternoon – so only got to do the running a taxi service until Thursday morning as he is collecting car Thursday evening. So will then have to get Sqk back into old routine – joy…..

A week to remember

I haven’t written in a while but that is in part due to time and in part due to lack of inspiration. I started something on ‘friends’ for last week’s WASO but never got round to finishing it. This week has been interesting with some real ups and downs and I feel the need to record it.

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