A week to remember

I haven’t written in a while but that is in part due to time and in part due to lack of inspiration. I started something on ‘friends’ for last week’s WASO but never got round to finishing it. This week has been interesting with some real ups and downs and I feel the need to record it.

The week started well – or rather last weekend was good. We went to the first adoption celebration party for our prep group after they had they celebration hearing in court earlier in the week. This couple were first to approval & first to matching and it was a wonderful day.

Monday was pre-school which he must have been fine at as nothing was said to me – he always happily wanders off to join in singing when we arrive and comes flying out at end to hug me. Tuesday we met up with most of the other Mums from prep group at a music group and then coffee in a local centre with play area. I was nearly in tears at one point as I watched Sqk play nicely (sharing) with one of the other boys.

Sqk was not good Wednesday, having a distress tantrum in afternoon and rejecting Daddy when he came in from work. When he woke himself screaming around 2130 he refused to be comforted initially – DH went in first time and he did same to me when I went in a little later. All we can put it down to is seeing my father for first time since Christmas on Wednesday morning as he was up this way rather than Mum going to see him (she spends half her time with him and half here with grandchildren). We seemed to get through this ok and actually he didn’t wake up again that night.

Thursday was his second session at pre-school which he really enjoyed – I on the other hand finally pruned the roses which never happened in Autumn due to arrival of a young man. Sqk was glad to see me at end (I could hear calls of Mummy before I saw him). He’d had a packed lunch there as well which went well although the yellow paint in his hair was an interesting addition. Then we spent afternoon with cousins and he ate broccoli for first time. However Thursday night he was awake in early hours – ended up with him in our bed to calm him as he wouldn’t let me leave him and my back was not good so I wouldn’t hang over his bed guard into toddler bed to comfort him.

Friday was a good day until late on. Adoption play group in morning which he really enjoyed, then a nap although the little tinker did get his shoes & socks off when he woke up as Mummy didn’t go back to him quickly enough. We then went to doctors to pick up three sets of prescriptions (one for each of us – one item each for the males and 9 for me). We visited Daddy at work to collect the medications and then went onto mine as a friend was visiting from Malaysia. While we were at pharmacy, their delivery driver phoned – he’d been knocked to ground and keys to van taken and van stolen. In there were the meds for a (small) nursing home which were needed for first thing Monday. So DH re did them and delivered the new set himself. Unfortunately coming back he was involved in a nasty accident – he is bruised and shaken but otherwise ok. Car however is going to be written off – and if the crash had been into driver’s side not passenger side I may not be writing this blog. Having seen the damage today when we went to get stuff out of car all I can do is thank God.

As a consequence I will be spending next fortnight (at least) running him to work and picking him up in an evening which is going to throw routine a lot. Sqk seems to have got the fact that Daddy’s car is ‘very,very broken’ and is ‘gone’. Thankfully he is too young to realise what might have been unlike me.

On top of all this we went to his first birthday party with us today – his elder cousin’s. Sqk seemed to enjoy himself a lot even through he only knew two children (his cousins). Didn’t join in the party games that much but enjoyed dancing around and getting the line for the Conga. However having a disturbed night now – first party with lots of children since his forever family party in October and I suspect things are whirring in his little mind. Not helped by Mummy processing Daddy’s escape and Daddy being very sore – neither of us can cope with him hanging onto us round our necks at moment which isn’t easy for him.

Next week Sqk will have been with us 5 months – and it does feel like he has been here forever. I would not change him for anything and we both love him so much. It’s been a journey to get here but as I say to prospective adopters from time to time – a journey well worth the hoops & hurdles in the end.


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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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