A week of things….

We have had a fun-filled week that has included a small birthday celebration, a meeting with one of our great-friends (yesterday), a meet-up in Clumber Park (today), finalisation of childcare for when I return to work (Monday) and seeing Granny & Gran-Gran a lot. In the midst of all this we have also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep always and both DH & I struggling with headaches a lot. Thanks to the weather there has been a lot of pollen around and we both have bad allergies to tree pollen so are dealing with sinus issues a lot.

Birthday party was for my younger nephew – unfortunately on a day when Sqk had had a bad night before (didn’t go to sleep till nearly 9pm) and also had two pre-school sessions. So he was tired and the result when we finally got home was a distress tantrum on and off till I managed to sooth him enough that he fell asleep in my arms. But that was needed and he slept well and we haven’t had such a bad time since. We’ve also got round (yesterday) to fitting a timer switch to his light switch that is timed with his Gro-clock turning to ‘Mr. Sun’ so he can play in his room until DH gets to him. Mind you this morning he didn’t wake up until we were about to leave for Clumber Park so he got put into car in his pyjamas and we got him dressed when we stopped. We’d had a couple of wake-ups during the night so he needed the sleep.

Seen a lot of Granny (my mother) and Gran-Gran (my Granny) as my Mum is still recovering from trying to cut two of her fingers off with a hedge-trimmer – and her mother promised my Dad that she would be around till Mum was more able to do stuff. But it does mean Sqk now really recognises Gran-Gran. Wednesday we had a lovely afternoon with Sqk and his cousin having a whale of a time in Granny’s garden with water and the climbing frame. Seen them most days till Friday when we went to Adoption Stay & Play and then I babysat for my sister so she could go to a funeral. It is lovely seeing Sqk and his cousins together and watch how they are starting to really bond.

Day 30
Cousins playing

I met up with his childminder-to-be on Monday afternoon while Sqk was in pre-school and we sorted out contract etc as well as chatted a lot about him and the potential issues adoption can bring. Agreed that he will start a phased transition before I go back to work in 8 weeks that will gradually build him up to the 4 days a week I need. That all starts in a couple of weeks but I do have to sort out my first official week back at work as she is on holiday then. Got enough annual leave I can use but hoping that Mum/sister can help on the Monday so I can at least go in on my first day back. Just glad to have it all sorted and that when she met him yesterday she was so focussed on him. Hopeful we have a good person and she understands the need for a long lead in period and suggested Mondays as initial day as she has no other children other than her daughter that day so can concentrate on getting to know him. So 2 weeks tomorrow I get to leave the house at 7am and pick him up at 12 noon.

Yesterday we randomly went to Trafford Centre and then met up with our great friend (one of the 2 who are the cause of DH & I meeting in first place) at a local garden centre for lunch and a catch-up. Not planned at all but Sqk has met her before and he loved seeing her again which was great. All our friends have been brilliant about taking a lead from us on what is appropriate to do with Sqk – i.e. not picking him up or giving him anything. I will admit we seem to have been blessed with both friends and in my case in-laws – which has made a real difference to our bond with Sqk.

Sqk liked this man at garden centre

Today we went to Clumber Park and met up with @Adoption12 from Twitter. As DH commented later it was a brilliant day and he thoroughly enjoyed himself as did I. Both Sqk & Pickle had a great time in the play area, happily ate lunch and then enjoyed a walk. They both were splashing merrily in puddles. Ok they both needed a complete change after the walk – Sqk did after all decide at one point to sit in a puddle 🙂 @Adoption12 found a baby frog which they were both fascinated by as well as the bumble bees.

2014-05-25 Clumber Park
Images of Clumber park

All in all a good week even with the issues with sleeping…hoping next week will see the end of our adoption order saga and then we can finally be certain the little boy who has become such a part of us is ours.

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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Adopter with husband T of our son Sqk. Approved at end of July 2013 and Sqk moved in in mid October 2013. Riding the roller-coaster road of adoption although in our case it is not as much of a roller-coaster as it is for many....

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