Even now at over 4 weeks since adoption order was granted I still find it difficult somehow to realise that this is forever now. A year ago we’d been identified as potential parents for Sqk but we didn’t know yet. I had a hard June last year which culminated in a funeral.

This year has been so different in that a little boy has been my focus – we’ve started transition to childminder for when I go back to work in 3 weeks (well actually 4 as tagging weeks leave on as childminder on holiday herself first week). Also started process to get name changed in NHS. All in all 38 weeks since we met him have flown by and he is so much part of our lives we forget what it was like before he came.

When he was called in by doctor with our surname this week it sort of brought it home to me. This beautiful, wonderful little boy is now my son forever.

The great outdoors

Sqk is never happier than when given safe space outdoors to run in. In good weather I will take him to local woods or one of the parks so he can run to his hearts content. He tends to complain a little when he falls over and we are having to persuade him that he can get himself up but we are getting there. When we went to Center Parcs back in late Feb/early march he had a great time being able to explore and similarly when we have been to other places he just loves to run. Clumber Park is a great place for this – last time we were there he loved puddle splashing with Pickle and also seeing the new life – Pickle’s Mummy found a  baby frog and there were goslings as well. Continue reading “The great outdoors”