Where has a year gone….


On this date (Tuesday) a year ago, I was doing anything I could to keep busy & distracted – as we had all bank holiday weekend. We’d had the meeting on the Friday afternoon with Sqk’s social worker and were waiting to be told whether we were going to be linked to the little boy who by this time we both had invested a lot of our hearts into. It was late in the day when I got a phonecall from DH to say it was official as the Timehop of my second twitter post of the day shows. Continue reading “Where has a year gone….”

Moving on….

A last minute post for #waso – been on a staycation this week and started back at work last week. Been interesting this week being at home but on holiday – Sqk went to his childminder two days so DH & I had our first days without him since he was placed back in October. We spent first day driving round a lot of caravan places looking at ideas as we have been for last year or so. Second day we mainly pootled about a bit and also caught up on sleep as last week was disturbed with Sqk getting used to Mummy being back at work.

We’ve ended this weekend buying a caravan – Sprite Musketeer EB from 2012 which we saw for first time yesterday (following drive down Yorkshire coast in beautiful sunshine) and both felt was right. We had a lot we wanted from a caravan and also some tight restrictions imposed by towing capability of DH’s car – if he’d not been involved in accident back in March the restriction would have been our licenses (both passed test after 1997). When we saw this one it felt right – we can even not have to make up double bed at front as seats are long enough for us to sleep on.

Our caravan

We were not planning to buy till Spring but there are not many of these about (layout we want was one year of manufacture only) so after playing with budget DH decided we could afford it. Plan is to have it on a seasonal pitch (within a couple of hours from home) next year so we can get Sqk used to it as a secure base in one location before we do any serious touring with it. We both loved the flexibility the folding camper gave us and with being basically restricted to school holidays as of Sept 2015 the caravan will allow us to not have to pay the earth for holidays.

Sqk’s highlight of the week i suspect was the treat we’ve had planned for over 6 months. On Wednesday we took him to see ‘In the Night Garden Live’ over in Manchester. He was enthralled for the whole show and has mentioned it at random intervals ever since. Both feel it was a good thing to have paid out for given how much he enjoyed it. But he also loved our Friday meetup in the park with other local adopters – the freedom to run and play was great. He is going to miss it this coming week but there is a security risk for us plus Mummy is actually working so he is going to Granny’s.

I needed this week off even though I have only been back a week as on Thursday I hit the busiest point of my summer – A-level results day so Clearing starts. I have a little issue to sort tomorrow in that the person who I thought was dealing with hours I can’t goes away again next Saturday. However work has to accept that now Sqk is I cannot do the 12+ hour shifts I have done every year up to now.

Lets see where life goes now….