Taking Care

The theme for this week’s #WASO is ‘taking Care’ – given that yesterday was the first Open Nest conference in York which was entitled ‘Taking Care’. Given how close it was to home (just over an hour by train) I decided to attend some time ago. Unfortunately then I had to attend a work meeting down south on Friday which entailed my first night away from Sqk.  Luckily DH & I had planned to go to something on Friday so had had the day booked off which meant at least Sqk had his Daddy then. Granny (my mother) looked after him Thursday afternoon till DH got home. Problem then was an ill husband on Friday – I kicked him when I got home for not phoning my Mum for help, but such is life. Continue reading “Taking Care”

Moving forward

Been over a month since I blogged – various reasons behind that. Felt need this week to write a bit however following on from our first Adoption Forum on Wednesday. It was an interesting evening which I sat and listened to as Sqk only just started at school nursery so a lot of the issues around education do not effect us yet.

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