Life in Sqk land.

Where are we nearly 2 weeks into placement? I feel that we are still doing very well and the report from his SW for the upcoming LAC review suggests she agrees. Sqk met his elder cousin earlier in the week (met younger one and my sister & brother-in-law last week) at the local woods – so they could run safely. He behaved fairly well although we are still having discussions over sitting down when eating 🙂 The photo below is Sqk and Daddy in the same woods last weekend when we took him for a walk there ourselves. He loved the freedom to run but we are still getting him to understand stopping when we call. Thinks it is great fun to make us run after him. However the message about holding hands when cars are about has gone in as he doesn't make a fuss about that now.

Intros Day 12

What a strange strange day. Picked the boy up from FCs house where he actually let Daddy put him in the car seat rather than insisting FC did it as on last 2 mornings. Then it was a drive off to another local town – mainly to pay a decent cheque from HMRC into bank. Got some more long-sleeved tops for us all and managed to grab a coffee as well although the boy did test boundaries a bit by jumping on furniture. He then insisted on walking (been in buggy up to stop for coffee) which we allowed but he didn’t like holding Daddy’s hand. A bit later he decided to start crawling around in a shop as Mummy was purchasing lumber cushion (new car has good support and I am noticing lack in my car). Eventually Daddy had to pick him up as he kept crawling – saying he was walking. Got back to car where Daddy tried to train the boy on shutting caps on sports bottle tops when not drinking from them and set off home – as is becoming usual he fell asleep on way back.

I did wake him up when we got back and he had a bit of lunch before happily playing around the house – not really registering when T dived out to put another cheque in bank that had arrived in post today. We had discussions over climbing on furniture in shoes and jumping on it as well – allowed to bounce on Mummy & Daddy but not solo. He also managed to start climbing up shelves at one point – can see we are going to be having numerous discussions about this until he gets it. As advised by brother-in-law we are picking our battles carefully – really concentrating on the ones where there is a chance of harm coming to him for now. So holding one of our hands when on roads or in shops and not jumping around on furniture (already fallen and banged his head once).  His FC arrived with most of the rest of his stuff and her other two kids as agreed. They got a tour of the house – partly led by the boy but also by me and played a bit with his stuff before they left for final dinner at Pizza Hut.

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