He did well….

Well, Sqk managed his first sleepover – and other than not actually going to sleep till 8.30pm and going to sleep in no pyjamas was no problem according to Mum. He has also gone off to sleep tonight – although DH did go in about half an hour ago to turn him round, redress him (arm out of pyjamas) and put duvet back over him.

We managed to get to Ikea to get Sqk’s Christmas present before picking him up so that is now stashed away in back bedroom with us planning to erect the kitchen on Christmas Eve. Also got some LED light bulbs as we have recently replaced a number of light fittings all of which had 50W halogen bulbs in. Using electricity so now replaced all bar 4 (would have been 3 had I remembered how many bulbs there were in kitchen set). Mind you tomorrow I am putting new light up in my mother’s kitchen – her current one failed yesterday so as one of the resident electrical & electronic engineers I said I would deal with it. In this house, I deal with electrics as well – apparently as a chartered electrical engineer DH prefers to let me do so….

Been a busy day so I am off to bed – as Sqk will no doubt be up in less than 8 hours…..and wanting Mummy if it is anything like today.


Today has been Remembrance Sunday in the UK which has some poignance for me. Of my grandparents, two served in Navy late in WW2 (well Granny in Wrens) which is how they met on a wireless operators course. My other grandfather was a radar boffin from 1939 – which I did not know till I was doing my MSc in 1997/8. I knew he had been in Air Ministry on a summer placement in 1939 before returning to Queens’ College, Cambridge to do a PhD in Physics but until then had always been told he was in RAF. I am incredibly proud of the work he did as well as the work his brother did as an engineer involved in jet engine research. Unusual family in that both brothers were not in uniform, but both contributed greatly in their own ways although never really talked much about it. My Wren Granny I have in the last year discovered was actually in Y service acting as a listener to enemy transmissions which went to Bletchley Park for decoding so again an important role. My other grandmother was a cook and housewife – they married during war and my aunt was born in 1943.

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A week of things….

We have had a fun-filled week that has included a small birthday celebration, a meeting with one of our great-friends (yesterday), a meet-up in Clumber Park (today), finalisation of childcare for when I return to work (Monday) and seeing Granny & Gran-Gran a lot. In the midst of all this we have also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep always and both DH & I struggling with headaches a lot. Thanks to the weather there has been a lot of pollen around and we both have bad allergies to tree pollen so are dealing with sinus issues a lot.

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