Today has been Remembrance Sunday in the UK which has some poignance for me. Of my grandparents, two served in Navy late in WW2 (well Granny in Wrens) which is how they met on a wireless operators course. My other grandfather was a radar boffin from 1939 – which I did not know till I was doing my MSc in 1997/8. I knew he had been in Air Ministry on a summer placement in 1939 before returning to Queens’ College, Cambridge to do a PhD in Physics but until then had always been told he was in RAF. I am incredibly proud of the work he did as well as the work his brother did as an engineer involved in jet engine research. Unusual family in that both brothers were not in uniform, but both contributed greatly in their own ways although never really talked much about it. My Wren Granny I have in the last year discovered was actually in Y service acting as a listener to enemy transmissions which went to Bletchley Park for decoding so again an important role. My other grandmother was a cook and housewife – they married during war and my aunt was born in 1943.

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