Today started with Sqk coming to join us in our bed and then watching Daddy avoid swearing as he dealt with horrendous pain from his good (hearing) ear. Ended up at out-of-hours doctors at 0830 and DH now on antibiotics for the first time in 16 years. Could have done without 111 failure this morning as I had to memorise a usual number to get through for DH.

Otherwise today has been a good day involving coffee, lunch out, getting a few bits for celebration party tomorrow (after Sqk’s baptism) and going to see my parents. Sqk had a nap this morning in car, but went to sleep fine before one of our great friends arrived from down south. Friend is currently on postgraduate mental health nurse training and is on placement in CAMHS. Works at Broadmoor as health care assistant so has a fascinating insight into things. They (DH & friend) had a great conversation about many things and we also talked a lot about attachment, ADHD & ODD. Plus genetic versus environment. I talked about my learning from adoption process which does make you think,

Now for bed having sung a bit to Sqk who woke up as we came upstairs. Wander what time he is going to wake?

Our best day this week

This is a hard one for me as there are a few things this week that have been great although one of them I talked about last week in our meeting with Pickle’s Mummy at Clumber Park. I think Sqk would count that the best day of this week as he got to puddle splash lots and saw a baby frog. He and Pickle had a great time on what was best day of week in terms of weather till today. Then yesterday we met up with his foster carer and two foster siblings again which made him so happy. Less fallout overnight this time and he & I had a conversation last night about the fact that he was with us forever now and no-one can take him away from Mummy & Daddy. It was lovely to watch him with the two older children and also great for me to see how they interacted with me.

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