An interesting day

It has been indeed as DH got up at 4am to get some painkillers and Sqk promptly tried to follow him downstairs. he went back to bed and to sleep but was very tired when we did get up. Daddy & Sqk went off by themselves first thing as a cheque needed to go into bank (from solar generation). I ahd a haircut hence the reason they went without me. Wandered up to the village to hairdressers to discover she’d got a cancellation so DH could have his done as well. So Sqk & I took Daddy’s car to our next port of call – local children’s centre that had the first of a monthly adoption playgroup on a Saturday morning.  Sqk had a whale of a time playing with cornflower and water and everything basically. Had to come home to change him completely afterwards.

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Intros Day 6

Ok how has it got to day 6 already … time is flying by. By this time on Monday I will have had the boy & his FC at our house for a few hours without T who is working 🙁

Today didn’t start very well with us waking up looking at clock and realising it was 6.49 and we were due at FCs at 7.00. Good thing it is 5 minute drive away 🙂 We had an interesting morning with the routine – the boy was already up but doesn’t get dressed till after breakfast it appears so was sat watching TV with biscuits.  He didn’t want much breakfast – FC said it was the same yesterday so think he is a little unsettled unsurprisingly. Once that was over it was get him dressed in lounge which ended up as FC says it usually does being fun as he did not want to be dressed. Eventually we managed and following a game of see-saw on FCs knees off we went.

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