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Hmm  ok thought I’d posted this – but not…

Very tired tonight – partly due to the course but also due to me managing to take my mandible splint out while asleep last night so sleep apnoea has hit. Second day of course was equally interesting – we actually got to do some practical interviews today – with students who wanted practice and had applied for a fictitious job. It was good to do – and gave me more confidence in being able to do an interview for real.

Sqk was a bit crotchety this evening but I think that is also down to tiredness as he (and DH inf act) have both been left with bad coughs following recent colds. So he is coughing in his sleep which is probably partially waking him up. I, on the other hand, just need to keep my splint in and I might sleep better.

In other news had to move my crown appointment (following root canal in Sept) to Christmas Eve due to childcare problems meaning the day I had booked off work I now need to care for Sqk on. At least then Mum is around to have Sqk. Get through this weekend and then we might be able to think properly about Christmas which is fast approaching….


Today has been spent on the first day of a two-day course on recruitment & selection. Actually turned out to be surprisingly interesting and tomorrow we get to practice with students who want interview practice. Had to write questions this evening – which I need to type up before morning.

A day out the office and away from my computer is always good and I haven’t got horrendous amounts of email to return to which is equally good. Had to leave house this morning at usual time to avoid confusing Sqk so spent an hour in Costa – and will be doing same tomorrow as course starts 90 mins later than I usually do and is closer to home (on another campus).

Looking forward to tomorrow with equal amounts of trepidation and excitement – former because I have never been on this side of an interview before and the latter for a similar reason. Just got to remember to hold my natural tendency to become a chatterbox when nervous – which has been my way since I stopped retreating into myself.

Short post today – maybe a longer one tomorrow


AUK Conference – a few random thoughts

Finally found some space to sort my notes from Saturday – well I say that and a student turns up for a meeting late. In my 90 minutes of time on a Monday when I meet with my final year project students if they turn up. Always a good time to do stuff like this as I cannot do much else.


I really enjoyed the conference and took away any number of things from it – looking at my notes they go over 9 sides of A4 in my work logbook (only thing I had with me – good thing no one else sees it). I am not going to even attempt to write it all down here – but am going to talk about the things that stood out for me.

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Title says it all – no time to write about the AUK conference today as been a full on day with a little boy who needed me – as expected. There have been  a few posts already I have seen and more to come I suspect. I shall probably write something tomorrow at work knowing me.

Still buzzing a bit and realising little things about Sqk that make more sense. Like this evening, he decided to want to run in circles – which is one of his ways to regulate. So DH & I encouraged him to run round a rug on the floor in open space rather than round his wooden railway on floor in the lounge where I was sat with my laptop.

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A day out

Today I spent at the AUK conference in Birmingham listening to Dr Bruce Perry speak. It was fascinating both from my scientific research enquiry learning approach but also as an adoptive parent. It also gave me a chance to connect with people I know on Twitter – some who I met at the #TakingCare conference in York, but others who I met for first time.

However I shall write more of what I learnt in a later post as I am tired after a late night in a hotel room watching Children in Need and initially waiting for Sqk to sleep. He had fallen asleep on journey down which we know is fatal usually to him sleeping at night. He eventually dropped off about 2230 and slept till 0730. He, DH & I had breakfast together, moved car and then walked most of way to Burlington Hotel where conference was where I left them for a day together.

They ended up at Aquarium having walked there from New Street Station. DH wasn’t thrilled about cost (cost about same for day passes for them as it did for year passes for the Deep for three of us). However it made Sqk’s day as they had pictures of Octonauts round it and a real-life Kwazii (well actor playing the pirate-cat). He loved it -so much so that by the time they got to the Bullring again they ended up turning round and going back just so Sqk could find Kwazii again. He told me all about it in the car coming home and I bet I will hear about it again tomorrow. His current favourite app on iPad is CBeebies Storytime – in particular the Octonauts & the Giant Squid.

Sqk was tired enough to have a nap on a circular bench in ICC (he does this only when very tired) which DH tells me got him a lot of cute comments from passers by. All in all a good day for my menfolk – Sqk even after sleeping in car again was asleep by 1930 tonight and hasn’t stirred. So Daddy succeeded in tiring an active 3 yr old out.


An interesting topic this week for #waso. In our world the only thing that is really a secret is Sqk’s story and that is not so much with us as external to us. After all it is his story so we say very little about why he was removed from his birth family. We do talk about adoption and openly say he is adopted – helps he knows a lot of children who are adopted. Indeed until I went back to work a lot of the children he spent time with are also adopted.

I am hoping he will never remember being told he is adopted – it is something we discuss with him although at the moment it is in simple terms. Recently he has wanted to be a baby and we have talked about the fact he did not come from Mummy’s tummy but from his birth mother’s (although we use her name as I don’t want to call her mummy at all – that is who I am). He was removed at birth so yes he suffered a loss then (the primal wound) and another loss when he moved from his foster carer to us but other than what he experienced in-utero he has none of the experience many adopted children have had in birth families.

This week we had our first letterbox response from one of his siblings which was lovely to read and which I have talked to him a little about although at the moment he is not really understanding it. His foster siblings are more like his brother & sister than his birth siblings. We see them regularly – more so now I suspect as his foster-sister is in Brownies at our church.

I hope we never have secrets from Sqk although his full story will have to wait until he is old enough to fully appreciate the reasons. We have a wonderful later-life letter written by his social worker from pre-birth to January. This will help us a lot as we come over explore the reason he is adopted.

An interesting day

Involving police & army bomb disposal due to find of picric acid in a store room at work. Oh & third fire alarm due to builders in 24 hrs.

I suspect there may be lots of inquiries going on as to why acid was not known about. Just glad they decided it was safe enough not to have to evacuate building given it was in other end of my building. Did make for some long walks this morning thanks to the cordons and some interesting fire exit issues…

Otherwise a successful day in that I found we did still have a version of software I thought had gone so sorting out final year project student was easier than first thought. Plus a good wrap up of yesterday’s research meeting and a plan for going forward. Oh and a lab this afternoon where I didn’t feel rushed off my feet.

Sqk was a bit crotchety when I picked him up from childminders and stayed that way. Obviously tired in that he fell asleep on Daddy when he came upstairs. Looking forward to our morning together tomorrow – I do miss spending time with him now I am working again.

Busy day

Been one of those days that has left me very tired at the end of it. Research meeting all day – well bar the 2 hr lecture this morning. Not helped by 2 fire alarms in 40 mins (8.30 & 9.10) which somewhat interrupted start to the day – and having to move meeting room due to work on roof outside window.

But I did get my new laptop (Dell XPS 12) and the meeting was pretty useful – we made some decisions that really help us move our part forward. Once meeting was finished I went home – well picked Sqk up from childminders first – somewhat earlier than I was expecting to as traffic was nice. She had fed him his tea as I had expected to be much later than my usual 5pm so all we had to do when we got home was play a bit have a bath and go to bed. He was reluctant over his bath till I got him upstairs when he was straight into it and off. I did have to put him to bed which made me late leaving for the evening meal out. Then traffic lights hated me and parking was fun – so I made everyone wait 15 minutes outside for me as where we intended to go wasn’t serving.

However all was well in the end. One of those days which reminds me why I love my job so much even though I would love to spend more time with Sqk at times.