This time of year…

Ok writing this very late but this is due to a busy day that included trying to fit new kitchen light for my Mum (failed due to some interesting wiring) and a party for Sqk’s foster brother that meant we went back to foster carer’s house for first time since 19th October 2013. He enjoyed himself lots and seems to have had no adverse reaction – was really pleased to see people but also really happy to come home with us. DH got the ‘I love you Daddy’ for first time today. Sqk’s doesn’t say it much but really seems to mean it when he does.
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He did well….

Well, Sqk managed his first sleepover – and other than not actually going to sleep till 8.30pm and going to sleep in no pyjamas was no problem according to Mum. He has also gone off to sleep tonight – although DH did go in about half an hour ago to turn him round, redress him (arm out of pyjamas) and put duvet back over him.

We managed to get to Ikea to get Sqk’s Christmas present before picking him up so that is now stashed away in back bedroom with us planning to erect the kitchen on Christmas Eve. Also got some LED light bulbs as we have recently replaced a number of light fittings all of which had 50W halogen bulbs in. Using electricity so now replaced all bar 4 (would have been 3 had I remembered how many bulbs there were in kitchen set). Mind you tomorrow I am putting new light up in my mother’s kitchen – her current one failed yesterday so as one of the resident electrical & electronic engineers I said I would deal with it. In this house, I deal with electrics as well – apparently as a chartered electrical engineer DH prefers to let me do so….

Been a busy day so I am off to bed – as Sqk will no doubt be up in less than 8 hours…..and wanting Mummy if it is anything like today.

Sleepy – so sleepy…

And it is not caused by Sqk. I am having a period of waking at somewhere between 4 and 5am and not getting back to sleep before I am up at 6.30am. Initially started waking because of DH having massive coughing fits at that time (he has an ear infection). he got back to sleep fine but I didn’t – suspect it may be everything going on at work at the moment: Accreditation visit coming (which means lots and lots of paperwork to sort), lots of stuff happening in research and also into last three weeks of term.

Getting on top of research and making progress on the accreditation stuff – not going to make deadline of next Monday from my line manager, but hopefully by end of next week. Problem is everything has to go via centre and we need to submit it all by January 20th. Mind you will then have to chase evryone else – and try to track down all the marks for last year….

Sqk is doing well – being a cheeky monkey at nursery it appears at times – and also deciding painting sponges filled with paint are good to chew. He has a chewy for that very reason and they are getting better at using it. he is coming to visit us in our bedroom most mornings but is being pretty calm and it mainly seems to be so he can be certain of saying goodbye to Mummy (and getting kisses and cuddles).

Friday night is a big night – we are trying a sleepover at local Granny’s for the first time. Then next week we start childminder transition process – I have to remember on Tuesday to come onto our estate rather than using auto-pilot to his current childminder’s house.

Running round

It’s been a day of running round. Not helped by waking up with early signs of migraine so not getting to the till gone 11. I forgot how problematic parking was at that hour – I actually got in at 10:50 but then spent 15 mins hunting a space. Mini open day doesn’t help with parking….

Did my prospective applicant tour at 11.30, returned to have lunch with rest of discipline team & candidates for new Lecturer. Then research group meeting, then lecture then back to research lab to meet candidates individually. Then dive to far end of far car park to drive to get Sqk. Just got there before 5…

Definitely a running around type of day although I did start sorting progression stats for one year on one course (out of 5/6 for 8 courses) for accreditation visit in March. The data I have from university is not granular enough for what I need so having to do some general finding out.

Sqk is fine and is most important in my life. He takes priority over work if it comes down to that.

First parent’s consultation

Well chance to have a discussion with his keyworker in the school nursery anyway. Sqk is apparently a very bright, outgoing little boy who knows his numbers, colours & shapes (working above expected age). He has settled in well (much better than we and they were anticipating – had adopted child 2 years ago so have some experience. Loves the ‘small world area’ which is basically cars & trains – has a favourite black taxi which he makes a beeline for everyday and pushes right round the nursery. Loves the water tray (wet jumpers every day) and loves going outside and playing.  He is making good friends with a couple of other little boys but is not good at interacting with the other children at times beyond those 2. Socially & emotionally he is behind but as we say we knew that – and it is regression in the main. He started at nursery only 10.5 months after he was placed with us and is at the young end of his year anyway, However, they are noticing improvements and he is slowly catching up, but as I said I was the same – ahead academically, but very immature for my age otherwise so it is something I can well understand.

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Another day of randomness

Mainly as that is what my day has been. One of those days where I have done lots of bits & pieces. Started with getting some more bits done for our accreditation visit next semester, then progressed to doing marking once got official confirmation marking boycott was off. Then writing report from progression viva I did last week and forgot to write. Then seeing a colleague about meeting a couple of weeks ago which I am attending in place of them. Laboratory this afternoon so was on feet for 3 hours. oh and the phone call from nursery to say could I pick Sqk up which was directed to childminder as it wasn't a real emergency and I was somewhat busy in lab as it is my module which is just me. Why they had to ring when form explicitly says childminder Mon-Thurs.

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