National Adoption Week

It’s the time of year to think about all things adoption – this year the theme is ‘Siblings‘ – encouraging people to think about adopting more than one child. We were not allowed to even think about doing so given my health – a number of chronic issues which are well-controlled, but which it was felt meant I could not cope with more than one child at once. We both agreed so that was the end of discussion.

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Adoption poem

I meant to contribute a poem to the Adoption Socials acrostic poems to celebrate National Adoption Week. But life caught up with me. So here is my attempt:

Accepting who he is
Defining who we are
Ongoing love
Passion for our family
Therapeutic parenting is key
Internal wandering
Order out of chaos
Nurture or nature – what is it?

Our road to adoption (NAW)

National Adoption Week has come round again – and I look at my life and think what a difference a year makes. The equivalent of today last year was the first evening of our Prep Course. Now we are sat 2 1/2 weeks into placement of Sqk. Mind you under the original plan this would have been the first week of Introductions but if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that things got moved by 4 weeks as otherwise respite care would have bene needed which would have made Intros a lot harder.

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