First parent’s consultation

Well chance to have a discussion with his keyworker in the school nursery anyway. Sqk is apparently a very bright, outgoing little boy who knows his numbers, colours & shapes (working above expected age). He has settled in well (much better than we and they were anticipating – had adopted child 2 years ago so have some experience. Loves the ‘small world area’ which is basically cars & trains – has a favourite black taxi which he makes a beeline for everyday and pushes right round the nursery. Loves the water tray (wet jumpers every day) and loves going outside and playing.  He is making good friends with a couple of other little boys but is not good at interacting with the other children at times beyond those 2. Socially & emotionally he is behind but as we say we knew that – and it is regression in the main. He started at nursery only 10.5 months after he was placed with us and is at the young end of his year anyway, However, they are noticing improvements and he is slowly catching up, but as I said I was the same – ahead academically, but very immature for my age otherwise so it is something I can well understand.

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Title says it all – no time to write about the AUK conference today as been a full on day with a little boy who needed me – as expected. There have been  a few posts already I have seen and more to come I suspect. I shall probably write something tomorrow at work knowing me.

Still buzzing a bit and realising little things about Sqk that make more sense. Like this evening, he decided to want to run in circles – which is one of his ways to regulate. So DH & I encouraged him to run round a rug on the floor in open space rather than round his wooden railway on floor in the lounge where I was sat with my laptop.

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Start of another week

I do hate returning to work after a long weekend – even though I was actually only with Sqk one day longer than I usually am. Last week was an odd one as I was ill Mon-Tues so in effect worked one day. This week I am having to catch up with everything – including organising a lecture to cover for the one cancelled last Monday. As I said to my DH it is typical I am ill on the one day where I am the only lecturer on a module.

Anyway I was late in this morning as the day started with a routine dental appointment where both the dentist & the hygienist were pleased with my teeth – which is a newish thing as until I started wearing a mandible splint due to sleep apnoea I was not great at remembering to clean my teeth twice a day. Spent the rest of the morning catching up on various bits and pieces – and avoiding the marking I have to do – that will be tomorrows job. Research telcon was its usual unnecessary self and then I did my lecture before coming home via Asda for the weekly shopping.

Got to Sqk’s childminder where she dropped the bombshell on me that she is pregnant so now having to go through the aggro of finding new childcare – and also dealing with her announcement (third one in a month – hard when you are infertile). Plus Sqk had a bad day at nursery – unprovoked pushing of other children and generally being displaying very silly behaviour. Not sure why but we and a little chat about not pushing-  I suspect it may be he was tired as he fell asleep rather quickly tonight.

Anyway DH is cooking curry and once we have eaten I am off to hit things in my current MMO – I need some stress relief 😀

Moving forward

Been over a month since I blogged – various reasons behind that. Felt need this week to write a bit however following on from our first Adoption Forum on Wednesday. It was an interesting evening which I sat and listened to as Sqk only just started at school nursery so a lot of the issues around education do not effect us yet.

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Where has a year gone….


On this date (Tuesday) a year ago, I was doing anything I could to keep busy & distracted – as we had all bank holiday weekend. We’d had the meeting on the Friday afternoon with Sqk’s social worker and were waiting to be told whether we were going to be linked to the little boy who by this time we both had invested a lot of our hearts into. It was late in the day when I got a phonecall from DH to say it was official as the Timehop of my second twitter post of the day shows. Continue reading “Where has a year gone….”

A week to remember

I haven’t written in a while but that is in part due to time and in part due to lack of inspiration. I started something on ‘friends’ for last week’s WASO but never got round to finishing it. This week has been interesting with some real ups and downs and I feel the need to record it.

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