I cannot write about this truly from an adoption perspective yet but I know the boy will suffer loss when he moves from foster carer to us. He has been with her since he was 5 weeks old so is very securely attached to her. However this evening I managed to soothe him after she left with her other two foster children for the school disco. Next week in our own house and then placement and beyond will be the real test of his loss.

Well aware from everything we have been told as we have gone through this journey that loss is a big thing in adoption. It is a subject we discussed on the Prep course as we talked about our journey towards adoption. For us we have experienced the loss of never having our own birth children which is something that still catches me now – and I was first told the likelihood was low over 10 years ago. Unlike many I have not suffered the loss from unsuccessful IVF or miscarriages.


Of course I have experienced loss throughout my life – I lost my great-grandmothers (last one at 16) and then while at university my cat and the family dog. Unusually I didn’t loose my first grandparent till I was 27 (after diagnosis referred to above). Since then I have lost two more – the latest one being at start of June. 6 days after having to make the decision to put my cat of nearly 16 years to sleep.  However loosing that grandmother was a blessing as we had truly lost her some years ago due to dementia. As T puts it he never really knew the lady we all talk about – and we have been together over 7 years now. The flowers above are those that were on her coffin at the crematorium – including all of her favourite flowers plus some ones that her meaning to us as a family (snapdragons for my grandfather who was my first loss)


Going back in time…

Well we got the official letter yesterday to confirm we were approved – and a load of information plus some forms to sign 🙂 On extract of minutes, it was nice to see the reasons for approval (7) and no concerns at all 😀 However it did show that it had actually taken us 9 months to get to this point – from application to approval which I hadn’t realised. Thought it was November we put application in and in fact it was October (before prep course). I did say my memory is a sieve……I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week (round writing programme & module handbooks for next year) thinking about where we are now – result my ramblings below 🙂 Continue reading “Going back in time…”

Pets during approval process

First time post and first time link to #WASO- at least on a public blog. I will eventually transfer over some of the posts from my private blog that I have written during our process. I have fits and starts of writing – depending on what is going on my my life.

We (being T my husband and myself) are approaching the end of the approval process within our local LA. We live  in Yorkshire and are first-time adopters with no birth children, and no experience of IVF or other fertility treatments as we decided that they were not a good idea for us. I work in higher education and T is a healthcare professional. When I say we are approaching end – panel is in a little over 3 weeks and we received our report on Wednesday. Meeting with our social worker next Wednesday to discuss the report – which is pretty fair just needs a few factual changes (and the odd typo).