Reeling again

And not for the first time during the process (back loaded some of my blogs from private blog covering the process thus far)…..

We saw our SW on Wednesday to discuss our PAR – only a few factual changes to make as we both felt it was a good reflection of us. Although T did say seeing everything written down that we had been through with my health and his job fun since we got together makes him realise quite how much there was. The reassuring thing for me in report was that medical advisor just commented that my ongoing (well-managed) chronic conditions would need discussing through the home study. Our SW commented that I had never had to cancel due to ill-heath and had seemed pretty good throughout the period – which to be honest is true. The last 18 months or so I have felt so much better – many less migraines which I can see from the lack of sick days on my planner at work. Ok had a bit of a blip recently thanks to a very bad hayfever season – but the nasal douching my doctor suggested has made a real difference to me in that I am no longer living with a  low grade permanent sinus headache. This does make a difference to my migraines as well as the build up could trigger them at this time of the year. At least roses (my favourite flower) do not give me any issues – given the number in our front garden at moment.

Thoughts as the first evening draws near

Well it is National Adoption Week so seeing some stuff around about adoption – as well as from my sister who is posting parts of her blog that she kept as she & M went through the process. Today’s post was appropriately about the preparation course so I have a little idea about what to expect although things could have changed in the nearly 3 years since they did theirs.

We start ours in under 3 hours as I write this – still at work but will be heading home shortly as got a couple of things I want to do before I head out to the unit for 6.30pm. T is of course coming straight from work – and has promised me he will get away as quickly as he can – his shop shuts at 6pm. I suspect he has talked to the social worker already as he was the one to sort out our feedback session  -which was awkward given the fact that I stopped one day due to a PhD viva and the second day could only make afternoon as I am lecturing in morning. November has turned into a hectic month what with the prep course, the usual MSc board of examiners for me to chair (that’s tomorrow), 2 PhD vivas where I am internal examiner and a placement student to visit. On top of my usual increased workload due to 2 modules being block taught in weeks 7 – 12. Such is life – hence one of the reasons I was semi-hoping for a prep course after Christmas. But as we said at the time if we were offered November we would make it work so we shall.

Will probably post again tomorrow after first evening. H is arriving tomorrow as well I believe given the alumni event on Friday which is good as T will have company on Thursday while I am other end of the country on visit.

P.S. Got that official application form in soon after we got it – and I took CRB forms + relevant documents to the unit last Friday plus booked our medicals. So that clock has started ticking…..

Start of things

Well to be accurate it all started in December 2011 when we attended the Information evening at our LA. My sister & brother-in-law adopted through them and we decided it was the route for us once it had been confirmed that all the professionals could do for us was offer IVF which is not a route we wanted to take. T (my husband) is not a believer in it in circumstances like ours, and also hormonal medication messes with me something badly.

So off we went to the evening and expressed an interest which led to the first social worker meeting. There was an immediate setback (delay really) at that point when it turned out I had not dealt as well with some lingering issues due to childhood as well as I thought I had. Luckily I can get free counselling through work so went down that route and finally we got recommended to go forward earlier this month. The delay was very good as where T works got sold to another company at end of April so he has had a stressful few months.  Expected to be on prep course in the new year although SW did say she would ask for next months. I got a phone call last Thursday ( after fire drill) from Adoption & Fostering from the adminstrator to say we had places on the course. Got the dates & times from her (3 full days & 2 evenings at either end plus feedback) then immediately rang T before I went haring off round work to sort out my end. Last full day not too bad (just project meetings to move & lecture to cancel). Other 2 days involve re-scheduling lecture (only person) and asking colleagues nicely to stand in for me as I should be running poster assessments. All sorted and informed the relevant people as well. Things moved a bit quicker than I expected.

Now sorting out children experience – hopefully going back to my original Brownie unit & possibly volunteering at local school. Plus more reading around and reminding myself why we went into this in first place. Asked our referees who are all happy to be so, so just photos to do and then official application goes in. The clock starts from there….Scary….