Our best day this week

This is a hard one for me as there are a few things this week that have been great although one of them I talked about last week in our meeting with Pickle’s Mummy at Clumber Park. I think Sqk would count that the best day of this week as he got to puddle splash lots and saw a baby frog. He and Pickle had a great time on what was best day of week in terms of weather till today. Then yesterday we met up with his foster carer and two foster siblings again which made him so happy. Less fallout overnight this time and he & I had a conversation last night about the fact that he was with us forever now and no-one can take him away from Mummy & Daddy. It was lovely to watch him with the two older children and also great for me to see how they interacted with me.

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A week of things….

We have had a fun-filled week that has included a small birthday celebration, a meeting with one of our great-friends (yesterday), a meet-up in Clumber Park (today), finalisation of childcare for when I return to work (Monday) and seeing Granny & Gran-Gran a lot. In the midst of all this we have also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep always and both DH & I struggling with headaches a lot. Thanks to the weather there has been a lot of pollen around and we both have bad allergies to tree pollen so are dealing with sinus issues a lot.

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Music and what it means to us

Since Sqk was placed seven months ago tomorrow music has been part of our lives as indeed it was before. I am an amateur musician after all – play viola in a local orchestra. Sqk has made me discover how many nursery rhymes and children’s songs I do actually know. He came knowing a few and has learnt more from us and from the groups we attend.


For him music is a great soother – we both sing to him when putting him to bed and the video monitor has Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star playing more often than not. I tend to alternate between ‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean’, the Skye Boat song and 2 versions of Twinkle, Twinkle (normal & Theraplay). DH sticks mainly to the first. We have a fair selection of songs etc. on iPod in car – including many of the ones recommended in an Adoption Social review by Adoption Journey. Also have a couple of ripped ELC CDs and when I get round to it more stuff from my sisters collection. He sings along to it and loves doing so. He also enjoys singing at groups and at times beating a rhythm. When we attend church services he has sat on my lap calming down during singing and I do find myself using music when he is upset or stressed.

We also have a large amount of ‘our’ music on the iPod which on long journeys does get played. Apparently Sqk has no appreciation for Queen (normally get demands for his music) but does like most of the rest of the eclectic mix. My tastes go from Georgian Chant to soft rock via jazz, blues, modern pop and much else in between. One piece you can be listening to Mozart or Bach, then it could be Queen or Genesis next, then something from the Hobbit soundtrack or an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and so it goes on. Indeed he also listens happily to Classic FM or Radio 2 in the car with me but doesn’t appreciate Radio 4 with Daddy.

As my music tastes come from my father I would not be surprised if Sqk grows up with eclectic tastes. I am hoping he shows an interest in learning an instrument when he is older as that has opened doors for me. But above all else I hope he keeps the love of music he currently has.

On holiday again….

This time we have been away for a full week staying in a self-catering lodge on the Lauder Camping & Caravanning Club site. DH & I have camped (in tents then folding campers) since we first met 8 years ago, but at the moment own nothing to camp in. This is a conscious decision we made during home study last year to sell our folding camper (third we’d owned) as we were not going to get any use out of it last year or this we suspected.

Ongoing discussion about if we are going to replace it and with what – tent, folding camper or a caravan. Problem is both of us passed our tests post 1997 so have restrictions on towing so think DH is going to sort that out first. Plus we probably need to make decision about adopting again – which puts things to Xmas of next year. Not certain which way that decision will go as I am very much more in favour and DH is against at moment. One thing we have agreed is to discuss another adoption once Sqk has finished his first term in reception unless birth sibling appears in meantime (which will make DH more favourable towards idea).

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