Update as new term starts

Well after an interesting end to July which ended with me getting a job offer for a post in the civil service we were all set to up sticks and move 20 miles across county when I got an interview for a job in another local university (email came through miraculously while we were in France with in-laws & patchy Internet). So I was back at work a day before having another day off for interview – which I went into with no real preparation (presentation was a recycled one from 7 years ago) and not caring about getting the job. Lo and behold two days later  – in Clearing I get phone call from Dean of School – who when we eventually connected up (took 4 attempts) offered me the job. After a lot of discussion between DH & I and my parents we decided that a job that kept us living where we are and didn’t change a lot for Sqk was the right job. So I gave back word on civil service position (explaining that this other job was better for my son and when you come down to it I am a mother first) and accepted the job that means effectively I travel 3.5 miles further a day to work as of January.

Sqk amazingly calmed down a lot once we explained to him that we were not moving and the anxiety levels in the house had gone down. Even starting school again has not been much of an issue other than wanting to go back to Reception as there is more play there. But so far so good in year 1 – ok we are a week in but not had any reports of issues yet. Then again going on a year ago, it will be close to half term before the real Sqk comes out at school. His childminder bless her has been getting some of the fall out from school compliance as he feels secure there. He was very happy to see me at end of school today – I am praying that my timetable allows me to continue to do this in January. However, I have plans in place in case it doesn’t – childminder before school and my Mum after school for the 12 teaching weeks. We have also agreed for the remainder of academic year from January to pay for an additional half hour in evening until I see what my journey is like. Sqk’s bedtime is now half an hour later so he gets same amount of time with me in evening anyway.

Two evenings on coming home this week have involved me opening garage so Sqk can get his scooter out. The daughter of the family who moved onto cul-de-sac just before end of last term turns out to be one of Sqk’s good friends from school so he wants to go out and play with her when she is out. Last night it was me watching 6 kids (Sqk, his friend, her older brother (year 4), another lass from year 1 who lives at house opposite end of cul-de-sac and the two boys from house 2 doors down from us (year 2 & 4). Other parents happy to let children roam freely but we are not quite there with Sqk yet although if he keeps to boundaries as well as he did last night I shall get there. It was wonderful to see him so happy and so involved – his social/emotional maturity was not noticeable in the scooter/bike riding going on.

Just got to hope that the anxiety over SH’s job doesn’t kick in too much – he got told at his performance review he either needed to look for a new job or agree to go on a performance management plan. His boss said he is a brilliant pharmacist but not so good on the HR and shop management side. Mind you as DH says he has had little support. However I got him cheered up by finding 7 or 8 jobs that were possible on Tuesday night – and he has 5 applications in already – with more potential jobs out there. He thought it would be difficult to find a new job but looks hopeful. We have agreed he is going to take the opportunity to get out of the city and hopefully into either an online pharmacy, a supermarket pharmacy or a hospital outpatients dispensary (not the ones in our city however). All of these take away a lot of the HR stuff and more particularly the large amount of retail that comes in a high street pharmacy branch. As he admits himself had a crystal ball 13 years ago when he qualified he would have gone into hospital pharmacy rather than community as he is much more into the clinical and patient focused stuff.

Another day

Back posting this to yesterday as my computer at home decided to corrupt Windows last night – while in the middle of a session on LOTRO with DH & P. So instead of finalising this post, I spent the evening reinstalling Windows – and no doubt will be doing more updates when I finally get home (I have meeting till 5pm :()

Up to then it was a good day – I got my marking done and the feedback given to students. I also got told the lecture I gave was great – which is always a boost to me, and I think we have plans to help one of our struggling students actually get through this year. Such is the varied life of a university academic – oh and I managed a bit of research reading as well.

Morning was fun – I got up to have a shower and when I went back to our bedroom there was a little cheeky boy in my half of the bed happily snuggling down with Daddy. Good thing I was up I suppose although he was clingy on me leaving, but that is fairly usual as he is still not certain about me being back at work. He had a much better day at nursery yesterday – fantastic according to his home-school book. His childminder said he was altogether more with it. He certainly was a lot better in the evening after I picked him up although still tired as evidenced by falling asleep easily again. However we happily setup his wooden railway on lounge floor (cleaners fortnightly visit so had to be taken up in morning) and he then was happy pushing trains around it. He did have night terrors in middle of night which was not so good however. Not sure why, but we did get him settled again.

Also managed to sort a visit to a prospective childminder as current one is pregnant. Hopefully will like the setting as the other 2 boys she has are in Sqk’s nursery class so that will make transition easier. If we do decide to go with her then we will have to plan transition carefully – probably gradually moving over December from old to new childminder. It will be more difficult now I am back at work but we shall manage. Just hope it doesn’t disturb Sqk too much.

Start of another week

I do hate returning to work after a long weekend – even though I was actually only with Sqk one day longer than I usually am. Last week was an odd one as I was ill Mon-Tues so in effect worked one day. This week I am having to catch up with everything – including organising a lecture to cover for the one cancelled last Monday. As I said to my DH it is typical I am ill on the one day where I am the only lecturer on a module.

Anyway I was late in this morning as the day started with a routine dental appointment where both the dentist & the hygienist were pleased with my teeth – which is a newish thing as until I started wearing a mandible splint due to sleep apnoea I was not great at remembering to clean my teeth twice a day. Spent the rest of the morning catching up on various bits and pieces – and avoiding the marking I have to do – that will be tomorrows job. Research telcon was its usual unnecessary self and then I did my lecture before coming home via Asda for the weekly shopping.

Got to Sqk’s childminder where she dropped the bombshell on me that she is pregnant so now having to go through the aggro of finding new childcare – and also dealing with her announcement (third one in a month – hard when you are infertile). Plus Sqk had a bad day at nursery – unprovoked pushing of other children and generally being displaying very silly behaviour. Not sure why but we and a little chat about not pushing-  I suspect it may be he was tired as he fell asleep rather quickly tonight.

Anyway DH is cooking curry and once we have eaten I am off to hit things in my current MMO – I need some stress relief 😀

Moving forward

Been over a month since I blogged – various reasons behind that. Felt need this week to write a bit however following on from our first Adoption Forum on Wednesday. It was an interesting evening which I sat and listened to as Sqk only just started at school nursery so a lot of the issues around education do not effect us yet.

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A week of things….

We have had a fun-filled week that has included a small birthday celebration, a meeting with one of our great-friends (yesterday), a meet-up in Clumber Park (today), finalisation of childcare for when I return to work (Monday) and seeing Granny & Gran-Gran a lot. In the midst of all this we have also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep always and both DH & I struggling with headaches a lot. Thanks to the weather there has been a lot of pollen around and we both have bad allergies to tree pollen so are dealing with sinus issues a lot.

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On holiday again….

This time we have been away for a full week staying in a self-catering lodge on the Lauder Camping & Caravanning Club site. DH & I have camped (in tents then folding campers) since we first met 8 years ago, but at the moment own nothing to camp in. This is a conscious decision we made during home study last year to sell our folding camper (third we’d owned) as we were not going to get any use out of it last year or this we suspected.

Ongoing discussion about if we are going to replace it and with what – tent, folding camper or a caravan. Problem is both of us passed our tests post 1997 so have restrictions on towing so think DH is going to sort that out first. Plus we probably need to make decision about adopting again – which puts things to Xmas of next year. Not certain which way that decision will go as I am very much more in favour and DH is against at moment. One thing we have agreed is to discuss another adoption once Sqk has finished his first term in reception unless birth sibling appears in meantime (which will make DH more favourable towards idea).

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