2013 in review

Well as T (DH) commented the other night, you cannot say that our year has been uninteresting. We started of the year with our social worker appointed (one we knew as she had been leader of our prep course) and the first home study meeting pencilled in for February. We end it having had our first family Christmas and with our son appearing to be very settled some 10 weeks 3 days into placement.

It has been a rollercoaster ride with the process turning round and confounding us more than once. At the end of the prep course in November 2012 we expected to hear from LA about our SW early in the New Year, so starting this year with her appointed was the first point of acceleration. We still expected it to be early 2014 for placement given that we thought it would be a year from end of prep course to matching and that would then be too close to Christmas. Continue reading “2013 in review”

Our road to adoption (NAW)

National Adoption Week has come round again – and I look at my life and think what a difference a year makes. The equivalent of today last year was the first evening of our Prep Course. Now we are sat 2 1/2 weeks into placement of Sqk. Mind you under the original plan this would have been the first week of Introductions but if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that things got moved by 4 weeks as otherwise respite care would have bene needed which would have made Intros a lot harder.

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We are there…

Less than 2 years since we started on this journey (Info evening at LA in December 2011), this afternoon the panel recommended our match with the boy who we were linked with at end of August. That timeline includes a 9 month hiatus from Feb – Oct 2012 before the initial social worker recommended us forward. Since then the process has confounded us more than once – the most recent being under 4 weeks ago when we found ourselves with less than 4 weeks to go to panel rather than panel at end of October.

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Reeling once more

T has decided the adoption process likes to confound us. There we were happy we had a link and expecting a late Oct/early Nov panel date. That was until today when in Conwy. T tried to answer a call from our SW but failed – she left a message asking him to ring back which he did promptly.

Our son’s SW wants panel on 30th Sept and Intros to start a week later as his FC is going away for a week from 26th Oct and they feel respite to Intros would not be a good thing – could we mange this. Cue two people on Conwy harbour front hurriedly phoning work while on holiday. Fine for me – T has the complication of Eid-al-Adha which is predicted to be around 15th Oct. One cannot get pharmacist locums where we live around either Eid. Cue call back to our SW who understood this and went away to talk to her manager and also medical advisor as the short notice might mean going to panel without meeting her.

We wandered round the Castle at Conwy and then down to Bodnant Gardens. Driving back through Snowdonia at a point we actually had signal, we got an email from our SW telling us she had spoken to her stand-in manager (annual leave for actual manager) who felt we could manage without T for 3 days during second week of Intros and she had also got us a medical advisor appointment the week before proposed panel. We then went looking for phone signal around foot of Snowdon – ended up in car park in Llanberis. Promptly spoke to our SW again as she phoned following up on email to check about FC meeting times. Then T forwarded email to his line manager and company boss, following up by speaking to line manager directly. Meanwhile I finally told my mother (issues with her spreading too many details round family so is kept a bit out of loop) that we had a link and the timescale. Phoned Dad (he is away for work) before sending emails to three people at work who needed to know.

Given work a fine conundrum to solve – I was teaching 2 modules in 6 weeks – now I am not with under 3 weeks to go before term starts. The decision to go with new timescale is absolutely right as we do not want our son disrupted as much as respite could do. Ok have around 4 1/2 weeks to do stuff we thought we had 9 weeks+ to deal with but we will get there. What happens happens for a reason and this match just feels so right to us.

Reflections on today

Well I have finally found time to blog again although it isn’t going to be a long one. I hate Clearing…… Well actually I don’t it just takes a lot out of me and involves me working 8 days solid – finally got some time off today. Shall see how we are doing when I go in on Tuesday – it’s been tough again this year but we were getting there as of yesterday.

Anyway enough of my work life – time to talk about what this blog is supposedly about. We had the meeting with our potential link’s SW today. In fact as T put it later we had SWs in our house today for the longest time thus far in the process as ours arrived at 1.15 and left at 4.45. She came early to discuss the child’s SW questions with us before she arrived at 2.30 – which we both felt was valuable. Also finally managed to show her the fence round the patio which was partially her suggestion in the first place. It is now partially painted so doesn’t quite look like it does below.

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Meeting date

Well we have a date for meeting with our SW and the SW of the prospective link we hav. Not till 3 weeks to or row (23rd Aug)  by we have it 🙂 Family finder for the boy has been talking to his SW as well as our SW. As it happens FF is the SW who did our initial visit and recommended us to go forward. She is friends from uni with some of our friends (T decided later he did remember her vaguely as we discovered this towards end of first visit) so as T says not only do we blame them for us but now for our potential son as well. She apparently approached our SW about this boy some months back and we would probably have heard about him sooner if it wasn’t for my wobble at start of June due to losing Ricki & Grandma within a few days of each other.

Anyway we are getting more paperwork about the boy soon so should get a much better idea about him on paper anyway. Just hoping his SW likes us and our house as I am starting to feel a real connection. Looking good for our preferred panel date (end of October) at moment as our SW said 2 months from initial meeting. Just means I have 6 weeks of teaching to do….well it will keep me busy anyway:)

Excited & nervous….

Following last night’s meeting with our SW we have the CPR for a little boy who we both have had a gut reaction of ‘he’s the one’ to. Little older than I hoped for…but only by a few months, but he just feels right so we are taking it forward to gain more information. So we have a potential link – before we are approved adopters 🙂 We were round with my sister and brother-in-law last night (who are experienced adopters) after SW left to discuss things through. Got a lot of useful tips from them and also warning that attachment beyond 24 months can be more difficult which I sort of knew already from my reading around.

I have had this week off (still got far too much holiday to use) as we originally planned to – spent a lot of it catching up on sleep – my version of end-of-termitis. Yes ok the students finished back before Spring Bank (at end of May) but I have been busy until graduation last week. Indeed am still busy – got bits an pieces of work I really should have done this week but decided week off not thinking about work would be good for me.

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