A week of things….

We have had a fun-filled week that has included a small birthday celebration, a meeting with one of our great-friends (yesterday), a meet-up in Clumber Park (today), finalisation of childcare for when I return to work (Monday) and seeing Granny & Gran-Gran a lot. In the midst of all this we have also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep always and both DH & I struggling with headaches a lot. Thanks to the weather there has been a lot of pollen around and we both have bad allergies to tree pollen so are dealing with sinus issues a lot.

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Strange it is to realise today that Sqk has been with us for 3 months and I have 6 months of my planned leave left. Where has the time gone although it does seem like he has been here for longer and we are finding it increasingly difficult to remember life before he arrived. So far we seem to have been lucky on Planet Adoption with a son who has bonded to us and is seeing us as a secure base. I know it is still early days but reading his SW’s words in Annex A brought it all home again. Continue reading “Thoughts”